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Big Bang - The Ultimate 'International Best'

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Big Bang - The Ultimate 'International Best'

International greatest hits album & DVD set release from BIGBANG. DVD contains music videos, making-of, and more. Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

Release date: May 25th
Price: $32 (2,678 yen)

How Gee
Number One
Haru Haru
With U
Baby Baby
Make Love
So Beautiful
Shake it
This Love
We Belong Together
Together Forever

How Gee
Number One
With U
With U (PV Making)

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nich untuk yang mp 3nya bisa di download lewat ihoneydrew

Big Bang - The Ultimate 'International Best'

* Title: The Ultimate 'International Best'
* Artist: Big Bang
* Genre: Dance, Pop
* Language: Korean
* Release Date: 2011.05.26


01. VIP - Intro
02. How Gee
03. Number 1
04. Haru Haru
05. With U
06. Baby Baby
07. Lie
08. Make Love
09. Everything
10. Always
11. So Beautiful
12. Shake It
13. This Love
14. We Belong Together
15. Together Forever

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Big Bang - The Ultimate 'International Best'

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